How Our Services Work


Lose the Pain, Not the Control

With PCaaS, you keep the equipment on site with upgrades and maintenance falling completely under your control.


Predictable Costs = Flexibility

Zero capital expense with the ability to shift and cancel as needed.  It’s simple and all equipment components are included as a per user/ per month pricing model.


Innovative Technology Solution

Get the best outcome from your investments without being costly and time-consuming.  The reliability, flexibility and affordability of our solutions allow you to focus on what you do best.


PCaaS Services

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Limelight PCaaS — Private Cloud as a Service

The traditional technology purchasing model is unable to link procurement dollars to performance. If a solution doesn’t perform to the levels that were promised upfront, the cost of those assets don’t change. With TBL’s Limelight PCaaS, the service level received is contractually linked to the dollars being spent.

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Limelight Collaboration

A collaborative platform must provide mediums for rich customer interactions no matter where your employees are at any given time. Whether tethered to a corporate-owned or employee-provided device, TBL’s Limelight Collaboration provides voice, video, presence, and messaging services to each user.

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Limelight Server & Desktop

Regardless of what percentage of your business systems are virtualized, the need to support your computing infrastructure is diverting your staff’s focus from strategic functions that generate revenue for your company.

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Limelight iWAN

TBL’s Limelight iWAN pairs existing MPLS connections with less expensive local internet connections to provide fast, secure, and resilient connectivity. Grow your performance this year by 150%, not your costs. Limelight iWAN is a service upgrade that pays for itself.

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Limelight IAM

Smartphones, tablets, tv media players and personal laptops now proliferate the network.With this frenzy of corporate and personal devices,it can be daunting to control the chaos. With Limelight IAM you no longer need to feel any discomfort from the same HVAC system that keeps you comfortable in the office.

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Limelight WiFi

Connectivity Without Complexity Wireless connectivity is essential in today’s mobile environment. Employees no longer want to be tethered to their desks, but be free to roam and collaborate amongst the office. Enterprise wireless networks are complex to configure and maintain, […]

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Managed Services

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Limelight Support

Why keep scrambling to work through technology outages when TBL Networks can help prevent them from happening in the first place? TBL’s Limelight Support is priced at a fixed monthly rate that delivers proactive monitoring, support services and configuration backup. You’ll even be able to keep a pulse on how your system is performing.

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Contract Lifecycle Management

At TBL, we are stewards of the contracts our clients entrust us to manage on their behalf. A contract remediation project begins with TBL inventorying all current products in production and reconciling them against the current records of that client’s contracts.

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Integration Services

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Fixed Fee Projects

Continuity is key to a successful project. Realizing the benefit of what you intended to buy is an expectation of most organizations. An upfront negotiated price allows a project to be implemented without the fear of unexpected costs.

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C&F Financial Corporation

In 2010, C&F, like many community banks, was growing by acquisition but was dealing with a legacy framework of IT systems as well as fragmented skill sets among internal staff. C&F wanted to standardize not just its hardware, but also outcomes from a service and technology perspective so that all lines of the business could reap the rewards of improved infrastructure.

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Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Case Study

Due to the tremendous growth of Berkshire Hathaway’s Specialty Insurance across the country and around the world, they needed a phone system provider that could deliver reliable support and quick response time with minimal system outages. They required a service model that would sustain weekly expansion with predictable results.

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