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Data Center

Limelight Data Center

You continually face critical data center considerations as technology evolves, from the cloud and the latest storage and compute requirements to keeping your applications online and ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster. TBL Networks’ Limelight Data Center addresses these considerations with practiced, demonstrated and tangible results.

Gain Peace of Mind with Limelight Data Center

TBL Networks’ Limelight Data Center is the hallmark of today’s successful data center. Built for rapid application deployment and supported by a highly elastic infrastructure, Limelight Data Center offers performance, flexibility and peace of mind. Whether you choose your Limelight Data Center to reside on your premises or off-site, it’s completely managed by TBL Networks and serves your business exclusively. Limelight Data Center delivers:

  • Enhanced application performance
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Reliable disaster recovery and archiving

Limelight Data Center Solutions Portfolio

TBL Networks’ Limelight Data Center solutions portfolio offers the right compute and storage resources your business needs, including:

  • Application Performance: Servers and networks are getting faster, but often disk drives and the storage systems built around them aren’t keeping up. Limelight Data Center leverages high-performance, low-latency storage technology for enhanced application experience.
  • Data Growth and Retention: Gain elasticity to increase or decrease compute and storage resources to meet an ever-changing business climate and leverage archiving capabilities to meet retention requirements.
  • Disaster Recovery and Restoration: Improve application and data availability and recovery time with Limelight Data Center’s automated disaster recovery and backup services.

Learn More

Get performance, flexibility and reliability for your data center. For more information about Limelight Data Center, call (804) CALL-TBL.