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Limelight Subscribe

Limelight Subscribe

Imagine never having to worry about managing your business’ new hardware and software deployments, software upgrades, technology refreshes, and system vulnerabilities, while saving your business time and money. And imagine having full control, all on your own terms and what you need and when you need it. TBL’s Limelight Subscribe addresses all these needs and more.

TBL’s Limelight Subscribe is like having your own IT department that manages your business’ Collaboration, Security, Enterprise Networking, and Data Center.

Limelight Subscribe is a fully customizable, secure and scalable solution that addresses your business’ ever-evolving IT needs and business objectives. You just pay for what you use on a monthly basis without the capital and administrative overhead— making your business more efficient. And whether your circumstances require that you scale up or down, our managed services will make the transition fast and painless.

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Why Limelight Subscribe?


When you use public cloud computing, you have no control over how your IT infrastructure is designed and when updates are scheduled. With Limelight Subscribe, you’re in complete control, always.

Expertise at Your Fingertips

Remember, when you hire TBL, you don’t hire a vendor—you acquire a strategic partner. Which means you have open access to our team’s deep expertise. We’re always on the lookout for new and better solutions that will propel your business forward.

Service-Level Agreements

Yes, public cloud does provide with you Service Level Agreements (SLAs). However, those agreements don’t consider YOUR business needs. With Limelight Subscribe, your SLAs are based on your needs, schedule and objectives. Again, you’re in complete control.

ITIL-based Process

Experience is integral to providing outcomes that deliver on business requirements and exceed client expectations. Our engineers leverage decades of implementation knowledge over a diverse landscape of environments. Coupled with our proven project management methodology, led by PMI- and ITIL-certified staff, TBL consistently completes projects on time and on budget.

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How it Works

Limelight Subscribe is completely managed by our team of technology experts. With Limelight Subscribe, you’ll enjoy higher levels of service and properly maintained cloud infrastructure, 24/7.

No Capital Expenditures

Limelight Subscribe allows you to be the steward of your capital dollars. There’s no need for large capital outlays—you simply pay a monthly fee based on your current needs. As your needs change, so does your monthly payment. You only pay for what you need when you need it.

Predictable Costs

Limelight Subscribe is priced as a monthly, per user expense. This structure allows you to better project the associated costs of services you would need to incur to keep up with the expanding user base. You no longer need to worry about adding another user and reaching the next inflection point resulting in a costly expansion of the system.


Organizations once had to choose between capital investment with internal administration or moving services to someone else’s data center hundreds of miles away and shared with thousands of strangers. Because Limelight Subscribe takes all the great things about public cloud models and applies them to a private cloud offering, you get the best of both worlds. The equipment is owned and managed by TBL, but it sits at your site and is dedicated to serving only your organization. You can use the technology services at your own pace, and rest assured that TBL will be right on schedule to deliver technology refreshes.