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Limelight Collaboration

Business leaders around the world agree that collaboration is changing within their organizations:

  • 72% say effective team communication has become more important than ever before.
  • 54% are investing in easier-to-use collaboration solutions.
  • 64% report that collaboration with external parties has increased in importance.*

Collaboration should be easy, safe, and intuitive. It should lead to fast innovation across your
business. However, in today’s digital world, fostering teamwork is rather challenging. Do you know why most collaboration tools fail? Usually, they are:

  • Used too little by employees
  • Not integrated with other business processes, or overly siloed
  • Not aligned with user workstyles/preferences

TBL’s Limelight Collaboration portfolio offers the solution.  Our collaboration tools help simplify communication, inspire innovation, and empower people to engage with each other anywhere on any device. Discover how collaboration can drive your desired business outcomes with TBL’s Limelight Collaboration solutions.

*Harvard Business Review

Boost Team Productivity, Simplify Communication with Limelight Collaboration

TBL Networks’ Limelight Collaboration helps your business connect with anyone, anywhere and at the right moments to boost productivity and get problems solved faster. With tools like video and web conferencing, virtual conference rooms, smart boards and IP phones, you can enable collaboration from the pocket to the boardroom. Like in-person conference rooms, you can use Limelight Collaboration’s virtual rooms to take notes, share and collaborate on documents and save it all for the next meeting.

Limelight Collaboration Solutions

Learn more about Limelight Collaboration’s features:

  • Conferencing and Messaging: Video and web conferencing infrastructure enables employees to present, share and collaborate in real time anywhere, on any device.
  • Workspaces: Physical space design and collaboration technology converge. Virtual rooms and smart boards bring dispersed teams together to speed decision making.
  • Collaboration Endpoints: Limelight Collaboration uses video, IP phones, web, mobile and desktop clients to streamline communications and enhance the user experience.
  • Contact Center: Improve your customer journey with Contact Center technology that helps you provide contextual, continuous and high-capability experiences to your customers, while gaining valuable insights for your business.

Learn More

To learn how you can boost your team’s productivity with Limelight Collaboration, call (804) CALL-TBL.