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Net Promotor System

What is the Net Promoter System?

The Net Promoter System is a simple two-question survey that gauges the behaviors and satisfaction of a company’s customers.

The first question simply asks, “How likely are you to recommend TBL to a friend or colleague?”

That follow up question asks why you gave the score you did.

Why is TBL Adopting the Net Promoter System?

The system will help improve our products and services for our customers. Based on feedback from the series of surveys, we’ll be able to seek direct input and have the ability to correlate constructive¬†feedback to specific¬†events- highlighting where improvements in our business can be made. We’ll also learn where we are most successful from service delivery, process, and continuing support standpoints. We will assess and act on insights collected; improving client offerings and relationships.

How Often will I Receive Emails Surveys from TBL?

You will receive no more than one survey each quarter.

What events trigger the survey?

Project completions

Order Shipments

Case Closures