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A Cius User, Part II

By Alan Sears | Sep 06, 2011 | Insights

The much anticipated day has arrived! The first installment of this series was posted on June 24th, where I anxiously awaited the arrival of the Cius tablets we had just ordered from Cisco. The accessories have been trickling in over the last few weeks: first the power supplies, then the Bluetooth headsets, leather cases, a spare battery, then the media station dock with telephone receiver. I could practically visualize the full solution, we just needed the Cius tablets themselves!

Then, this past Tuesday the 30th of August, while I was away on business in Charlotte, NC, the Cius tablets were delivered. My coworkers delighted in the irony that I was not in the office that day, and expressed their feelings in a portrait that they graciously sent to me.


So now begins the task of integrating the Cius into our infrastructure. I will leave the details of Cisco Unified Communications Manager versions, Microsoft Exchange compatibility, VMware View, Windows Folder Redirection, etc. to the technical blogs, but as we deploy the Cius for our own use, you will see more here on the user experience. Stay tuned!

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