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Behind the Curtain–Ask Harley : Guitar Hero Edition

By Patrick Tredway | May 20, 2011 | Insights

As you may have read, TBL recently hosted its first Ask Harley : Guitar Hero Edition. As a part of this session, we hosted a live broadcast of Harley and Mr. TBL rocking out to “Beat It” by the late Michael Jackson. Those in attendance to the event received a link where they could feast there eyes upon these savant sirens. While Harley and Mr. TBL were the most obvious players in the video, there was some pretty nifty camera work and technology underpinning the event.

Holstered with nothing more than a Cisco VT Camera and a laptop, Bryce Hazlewood, one of our support engineers, captured the event with professional like precision. The laptop in Bryce’s possession streamed the live video feed to a TBL owned Cisco Show and Share portal server which external participants ultimately used to watch on. I only wish we could have had cameras on the participants as I’m sure we would have captured some great reactions.

In all seriousness, this event marked the beginning of TBL’s adoption of these video technologies to capture, store, categorize, and report on the plethora of video content floating around our organization. Just this week our CEO used the technology to record and post an internal company update. TBL is by no means the biggest company in town, but even we are seeing the need to solidify how we will create and distribute video content efficiently and securely.


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