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Building the Case for Corporate Video Collaboration

By Alan Sears | Aug 17, 2012 | Insights

Video technology has evolved over the past ten years to allow people to communicate and collaborate better in both their personal and professional lives. Applications like Skype or Facetime are useful for adding a video element to remote conversations with your friends and family. But the requirements by businesses for lifelike and interactive systems are driving the development and adoption of more robust solutions for connecting with internal and external stakeholders.

The latest high-definition video systems enable real-time communication while also bringing a personal level of interaction through face-to-face conversation. Video collaboration or telepresence technologies provide an efficient solution for training sessions, meetings and collaboration across geographical boundaries. Organizations of all sizes have realized that they can deploy these technologies within their existing network infrastructure to help quickly influence growth and success.

Here are a few of the specific benefits that can be realized by integrating video for communications within your organization:

– Improve productivity by enabling quicker decision making.
– Reduce expenses associated with corporate travel.
– Strengthen relationships with clients and business partners.
– Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and energy savings.
– Increase collaboration and interoperability based on open-standards.
– Scale quickly based on the evolving needs of employees.

Our business partner Cisco offers an extensive portfolio of video systems to meet the needs of your employees while also supporting your IT team with intuitive technologies that are easy to integrate within the framework of your existing infrastructure. These range from a dedicated, large room series to desktop solutions. So which one makes the most sense for your business? A better understanding of the three telepresence “experiences” – Immersive, Multipurpose and Personal can help answer that question.

Cisco’s immersive systems deliver all of the necessary elements for your meeting room or training facility including lighting, cameras, surfaces and audio equipment. The fully-appointed solutions provide a high quality, life-like meeting experience. They are also designed for simplicity and ease of use.

The multipurpose experience can be used to enhance your existing meeting spaces. They provide a collaborative user experience for dispersed teams to meet and communicate face-to-face. This series of systems offers simplified installation, use and management. Your IT team will appreciate how the design delivers framework that supports easy integration, large-scale adoption and rapid deployment.

Their personal telepresence solutions offer all of your employees the power of video collaboration delivered to their workspace. These systems fit on a desktop and can operate on PC or Mac platforms. The personal systems are also ideal for home offices and telecommuting.

If you’re interested in learning how video Collaboration can positively impact your business let us know. We can begin discussing which combination of the three telepresence experiences listed above fits your needs and applications.

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