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Business Video: Not Just for Teleconferencing

By Steve Glissman | Aug 01, 2011 | Insights

For the July edition of TBL’s Lunch & Learn, Patrick Tredway discussed the topic of “Business Video: Not Just for Teleconferencing.”   Patrick explained that business video is now a medium used as a day-to-day aspect of business.   More importantly, your employees are probably already using it.  After showing the power and grace of Mr. TBL, Patrick showed examples of how some companies have already listed confidential information for the whole world to see on YouTube. These examples included a “how to” internal company policies, a sales meeting and the results of too much drinking a company Christmas party.

Patrick then discussed the proper methods and avenues for businesses to address video, in addition to demonstrating how it affects your network and infrastructure.



A special “thank you” to all those who attended our meetings in Richmond and Virginia Beach.  Our guests provided a great questions which prompted several insightful discussions.

Our August Lunch & Learn topic is “Security in a Virtualized World.” Co-presenting with TBL’s Harley Stagner is Bryan Miller of Syrinx Technologies. Our two experts will explore the challenges and compliance issues regarding security and your virtual infrastructure. To learn more and to reserve your spot for either the Richmond or Hampton Roads date, please RSVP at TBL’s Lunch & Learn Eventbrite site.

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