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Changes Implemented with NPS Feedback

By Lauren Bell | Jun 14, 2019 | Insights


In late 2018, TBL implemented the Net Promotor System, or NPS, which is a methodology for gauging customer satisfaction through the eyes of customers. TBL is leveraging this system to capture feedback with the goal to improve every aspect of our business. Since its launch, we’ve collected our customer feedback, categorized that feedback and began implementing change. Here is a look at what we’ve done so far.

1. Launched a webinar series

We heard a clear desire for more proactive webinars & training around what TBL is seeing in the marketplace and what changes we see happening on the horizon. We’ve since introduced a series of webinars aimed at educating and updating our clients and prospects.

You can watch some of our recent webinars here:

2. New tiers of service for Limelight Subscribe 

TBL is introducing three tiers of service for our Limelight Subscribe service. We previously offered one subscription model – leaving little room for modifications. We learned that our customers have team members with skill sets allowing them to conduct some aspects of the limelight subscribe service internally. With the new tiers of service, customers can choose what package best suits their organization.

3. Retrained Sales & Engineers on SLA Standards.

The conversations around SLA’s generally were around providing clear and documented expectations for our clients to set for the business. Since these conversations arose, we took this as an opportunity to retrain our engineering & sales teams on standards; making certain SLA’s are understood, documented and measurable for our clients.

More Updates to Come

The NPS process is most effective when people take about 3 minutes to fill out the survey and provide honest feedback- both positive and constructive. We want to know what people love about TBL just as much as we need to learn what we can improve. The next time you see our survey in your inbox, please let us know how we’re doing so we can continue to improve!



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