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Every Business Needs Private Cloud

By Alan Sears | Jun 02, 2015 | Insights

What is Cloud Computing?

Before we look at the benefits of using a private cloud infrastructure, let’s first define cloud computing. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) says it’s “a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable resources, such as networks, servers, storage, applications and services. These resources can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.”

Cloud computing allows for the sharing of resources in a way that simplifies infrastructure planning. Cloud service has been around for years. Many businesses of varying sizes have adopted it – moving their data and infrastructure to the cloud.

In fact, the recently published State of the Cloud report by RightScale found that 93 percent of organizations are using the cloud in some capacity. If your business hasn’t made the transition to the cloud yet, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about the cloud!

Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud

Public Cloud – Public clouds are owned and operated by third-party service providers. Clients using public cloud infrastructure benefit in two ways: more size and economies of scale.

However, there are risks associated with sharing public resources. Public cloud services like webmail, online office applications, and storage services (think – Dropbox) are offered to multiple clients – not just to your organization.

Your business should never use public cloud services to store sensitive data. The security of data held in a public cloud should be cause for concern.

Private Cloud – Private clouds are built exclusively for an individual enterprise. The hosting solution, which is also known as an internal or enterprise cloud, lives on your company’s intranet or hosted data center where all of your data is protected behind a firewall.

Private clouds offer the key advantages of agility, efficiency, and speed. The organization has the ability to host applications in the cloud, while addressing concerns of data security and control.

TBL Network's Limelight PCaaSAt TBL Networks, we provide an “internal cloud” solution where we own and manage the equipment, but it sits at your site and is dedicated to serving only your organization. This frees up your organization’s resources so it can focus more on your strategic mission. On-site private cloud infrastructures are perfect for applications requiring 100% control and configurability of the security and infrastructure.

The Benefits of a Private Cloud Service Provider Managing Your Equipment

So, the main differentiator between public and private cloud infrastructures is that you do not have to be involved in the management and maintenance of a public cloud solution. However, while your business may be feeling the pressure to entertain a public cloud offering, your server and desktop resources are best located in a facility you control – not in a data center hundreds of miles away and intermingled with thousands of strangers.

That’s why TBL’s Limelight Private Cloud as a Service (PCaaS) offers the best of both worlds. Equipment is owned and managed by TBL, but sits at your site and is dedicated to solely serving your organization.

See Reduced Costs

Transitioning your business to the cloud can save you some serious dough.

TBL’s Limelight PCaaS is priced as a monthly, per user expense – allowing you to plan on predictable costs to offer services as your user base expands. You’ll no longer have to worry about adding another user and reaching the next inflection point – resulting in a costly expansion of the system.

This means that our private cloud service is an operating expense. There won’t be a huge outlay of capital dollars. We give you the power to control your bottom line by offering the scalability your business needs to grow or shift priorities.


Using a private cloud solution gives you technical and financial flexibility because you can monitor and charge the actual usage. Plus, at TBL, it’s easy to add and remove users from your private cloud solution with our predictable pricing model.

Stop Worrying about Technology and Focus on Your Business, Already

Whatever industry your business falls under, TBL helps you to focus on your business, not the technology behind the scenes. We provide technology that supports your business’s mission. Leverage TBL’s Limelight PCaaS and free up your resources to focus on tasks that are better aligned with generating revenue.

Increases Collaboration

Gone are the days of spotty conference calls and missed deadlines. With cloud computing solutions, your employees can work from anywhere. Mobile and geographically diverse employees work best when their files can be accessed from…anywhere!


Private clouds also maintain control of your company’s sensitive intellectual property (IP) and data, which is integral to working towards the mission of your organization.

PCaaS and Server/Desktop Solutions Make a Winning Combination

Combined with our Limelight PCaaS, our Limelight Server & Desktop solutions will impact your organization. Our solutions serve your employees exclusively. The Limelight Server for data center consolidation offers complete cost predictability with zero inflection points for scaling the solution.

Priced per virtual machine, per month for easy growth – our Limelight Server is TBL's Limelight Server and Desktop Solutionsguaranteed to be available, so there’s never a loss of functionality. Best of all? It’s completely managed by TBL. So, you can focus on strategic functions that generate revenue for your company, while we manage, maintain and upgrade the muscle behind your applications.

And, TBL’s Limelight Desktop is an all-in-one solution that allows your company to implement virtual desktops. Virtual desktops give your organization the ability to access your resources anytime, anywhere, from any device.


With TBL’s Limelight PCaaS, there’s no stress in implementation, all equipment is included, and we handle everything. And, our service is a predictable cost that’s flexible enough to grow with your business. Schedule a private lunch and learn today

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