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Five Reasons to Attend the RichTech Golf Tournament

By Steve Glissman | Aug 15, 2011 | Insights

On Monday, September 12th, RichTech will host its annual TechLinks Golf Tournament. TBL Networks is honored to serve as a Reception Sponsor for this event. Despite the fact that golf is not one of my strengths, I am very excited about the chance to participate and spend time with fellow members of the technology community.

Here are five reasons you should attend the RichTech TechLinks Golf Tournament

1) The course

TheTechLinks tournament is hosted at the Hermitage Country Club Founded in 1900, Hermitage is the second oldest club in the Commonwealth of Virginia. At my skill level, I am planning on spending a good deal of time searching for my ball in the woods. On the plus side, I have the opportunity to find the second oldest golf ball in Virginia.

2) Goodie Bags for all participants

Enough said.

3) Play golf on a Monday

In this contentious age, there are few things upon which we can universally agree. However, one truth is indisputable – Mondays stink.

Instead of dragging yourself into work for coffee and listening to THIS co-worker, you can enjoy the late summer weather on a beautiful private course while playing golf. At TechLinks Golf Tournament, you will have best of Monday of your year.

4) Make Caddyshack References

Making Caddyshack references is not always appropriate in the workplace, but it is always acceptable at the golf course. Have you signed up yet? Well …

5) Meet your peers

Serving over 300 companies and more than 3,000 people, RichTech today is the premier technology association in the Greater Richmond and Central Virginia area. The TechLinks Golf Tournament provides the chance for you to meet your peers in technology field while playing golf at a great course. What more could you ask for?

To learn more about RichTech and to become a contributing member of Central Virginia’s technology community, go to

To purchase your tickets for RichTech’s Annual TechLinks Golf Tournament, click on this link.

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