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Guest Blog Post – CJsTUF: Expansion is on the Horizon

By Rachel Reynolds | May 15, 2014 | Insights

TBL Networks is proud to present guest blogger Rachel Reynolds, Executive Director at CJSTUF.

Actually, it’s already here! CJ’s Thumbs Up Foundation ( has begun accepting applications for Financial Assistance Grants from families receiving treatment at UVA Health System in Charlottesville. This year, we have expanded the entirety of the $500 grant program to include 40 VCU families and 20 UVA families and we expect to have a waiting list at the end of the year.

The wonderful support we’ve received from our many donors has made all this possible. From the Lewis family, who, not only having to deal with daughter, Lauryn’s cancer diagnosis, also had two other daughters for which they needed to care, with mom expecting child no. 4 ANY DAY (mommy and baby are both doing well) to Campbell (“Soup”) who always seems to have a smile so enchanting Children’s Hospital of Richmond put her face on billboards all over town, your generosity has put smiles on faces and hope in hearts of those who need it most (not to mention some healthy food in bellies and a few bucks in the bank account).

Our next big things are Butterfly Socials (you can host your own), CJ The DJ’s Bluegrass (Mostly) Boogaloo on July 19 at Ashland Coffee & Tea, dinners at Ronald McDonald House of Richmond, and an art auction at Blenheim Farms Winery in Charlottesville on Thursday, August 21. Please visit for more information on how you can become involved.


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