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Increase Employee Engagement with Cisco Quad

By Alan Sears | Jun 14, 2012 | Insights

Collaboration is changing the way businesses operate. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts it helps increase productivity, improve teamwork and enable decision making. Smart organizations have embraced collaborative technologies to connect and build relationships with prospects, clients and partners. But they are also realizing that these technologies can be used to improve engagement with and between their employees.

The workplace is dramatically shifting due to the adoption of mobility, changing workforce demographics and application delivery options. Employees are becoming more comfortable with social media and virtual interaction in the course of conducting business. And the latest mobile devices and applications have left all of your stakeholders expecting to conduct business through their preferred means.

In response, companies need flexible software and communication services to facilitate employee collaboration. Cisco, offers a solution for linking your enterprise collaboration tools, the Cloud and your employees. Cisco Quad is a platform designed for today’s workforce: social, mobile, visual, and virtual. It helps connect your team to the information and expertise they need, when they need it.

Here are a few of the corporate applications that Cisco Quad can help support:
– Human Resources – Provide new employee orientation and training by offering one-stop access to mentors, corporate videos, documents, demos and peer communities.
– Product Development & Innovation – Improve the exchange of ideas through the ability to dynamically form communities for idea generation, brainstorming and discussions.
– Project Management – Enable more visible and streamlined communication flows while also sharing access to critical resources and shared collaboration tools.
– Sales Support / Sales Engineering – Assist with proposal development and RFP responses by creating cross-functional communities to help answer questions, locate relevant documents and co-author responses.
– Crisis Management – Maintain continuity thorough a crisis event through the ability to contact co-workers, share information and offer coordinated responses.

Cisco Quad also helps save money and decrease  the need for support from your IT team because it is delivered as cloud services eliminating the need to deploy and manage them in-house. It also provides enough flexibility so that end users can personalize their collaboration environment to support their work styles, instantly form communities to support organizational goals and collaborate in real time using their preferred communications tools.

If you’re interested in learning more about how establish and support a collaborative environment within your workforce let us know. We can provide you with an overview of how Cisco Quad integrates your existing collaboration tools with a broad set of social features that engage employees and quicken information access. We can also talk about some of the additional services available to increase collaboration with your clients and business partners.

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