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Is It Time for a Private Cloud?

By Alan Sears | Jul 31, 2012 | Insights

You probably remember from my recent post on What “The Cloud” Means to Your Company that there are both public clouds and private clouds. We defined private clouds are resources shared by one organization. More specifically, private clouds offer dedicated server space that is hosted either internally or externally. The platform can be managed in-house or a third party can support and maintain the hardware and applications.

A private cloud provides your company with a pool of IT resources that can be allocated across departments. This allows you to quickly and easily deploy services based on the needs of your employees. The old process of buying a new server to support the requirements of a specific business unit has been replaced with a system that allows you to create virtual servers and carve out the necessary resources to support your team.

Understanding how other organizations use private clouds to optimize their business is helpful to identifying opportunities within your own business. The state of New Mexico embraced this model to cut costs, accelerate service provisioning and reduces its carbon footprint. The first video on this page offers a look at why and how they built a private cloud network.

Another example is CareCore National, a specialty benefit-management company that collaborates with healthcare providers and insurance firms to authorize an average of 45,000 medical procedures daily. They needed the ability to analyze very large data sets while also helping to lower healthcare costs and improve quality of care at the same time.

Implementing VCE’s Vblock Infrastructure Package, built with industry-leading technology from Cisco, EMC and VMWare, allowed them to realize the following results:

-Reduced time to launch new lines of business from six months to two weeks
-Increased time software engineers can devote to development from 50 to 80 percent
-Built foundation for multi-tenant HSX cloud service

For a little more detail you can download the CareCore National case study.

The private cloud methodology allows your IT team to create a single virtualized set of resources that can be offered on-demand as a service across your organization. Your infrastructure becomes easier to scale and quicker to deploy without major considerations given to hardware installations and integration. It also establishes an architecture that enables secure transactions, measured service and accountability for specific cost centers.

Contact us to learn more about our partnership with VCE and discuss how we can provide your organization with a converged infrastructure solution that delivers a complete private cloud along with pervasive virtualization.

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