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Learn, Communicate, Collaborate & Grow with Digital Video

By Alan Sears | Apr 02, 2012 | Insights

Corporate use of video has become increasingly popular over the past few years.  Businesses are embracing it to promote their offerings to customers, train their workforce and increase visibility for their organization. If implemented effectively this platform provides an additional channel to connect with your stakeholders. If it isn’t rolled out strategically or by a strong business partner it just becomes an investment in technology that is underutilized.

Cisco has done a good job of addressing the need for enterprise video with their Digital Media Suite. The offering includes a comprehensive suite of webcasting and video sharing applications. Specific resources like Digital Signage, Cast and Show and Share can help transform how organizations learn, communicate, collaborate and grow.

Briefly, Digital Signage is a network-based application used to deliver information and training to digital signage. Cast delivers live video, on-demand video and broadcast TV channels over IP to digital displays. Show and Share is a webcasting and video sharing application for creating secure video communities to share ideas and expertise to a variety of devices.

Here are a few of the benefits the Digital Media Suite can deliver to your business:
-Improves communications by establishing a cost-effective and secure platform for creating, editing, uploading, searching and displaying digital media.
-Integrates with existing infrastructure and networking components.
-Provides training to geographically dispersed employees, customers, and partners while saving money on travel costs.
-Expands revenue opportunities by establishing new resources for product promotion and advertising.
-Facilitates collaboration allowing organizations to increase productivity, accelerate time to market, enable quicker decision making and promote sharing of expertise.

For technology managers the Digital Media Suite enables your team to create, manage and access content for a variety of applications from a single platform. The Digital Media Encoders (DMEs) capture the video from a variety of inputs and encode it into the popular digital formats for delivery across an IP network. Then the Digital Media Manager (DMM) allows your IT team to manage content and approval flows, create playlists and schedule video delivery. The content your users create can then be accessed by multiple devices using Show and Share or delivered to digital displays via Digital Signs.

Digital media offers a compelling platform for adding personalization and immediacy to your organization’s communications with stakeholders. Contact us to learn more about how these technologies can help you establish real-time and on-demand channels for sharing expertise, information, news and training.

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