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Limelight IAM

By admin | Feb 02, 2016 | Insights

Control the Chaos

With the ever-changing landscape of technology, today’s business networks look vastly different than that of even 5 years ago. Gone are the days when tightly-controlled desktop and laptop endpoints were the only devices that connected to the corporate network. Employees expect the same sophistication consumer electronics provide them in their personal lives to empower their ability to work in the office. Smartphones, tablets, tv media players and personal laptops now proliferate the network.1C-BYOD With this frenzy of corporate and personal devices, it can be daunting to control the chaos… and if we are being honest, quite impossible. TBL’s Limelight IAM allows organizations to easily adopt a “Bring Your Own Device” strategy, embracing productivity from people working in their preferred method, while escaping the administrative burdens of the past.

Don’t Fear the Chiller

The Internet of Things trend is providing network access to almost every device. With Limelight IAM you no longer need to feel any discomfort from the same HVAC system that keeps you comfortable in the office. For example, there are now smart environmental and lighting control units, badge readers, IV pumps, and vending machines that all benefit from data networking. Each of these device types provide critical functions but are all inherently different in the levels of access they require. Don’t see the need for your HVAC Chiller to be talking to your CRM? We don’t either.

Two Credentials Aren’t Enough

Since when is less information better? The majority of systems permit and deny network access on little more than a username and password combination. Imagine a world where airport security was relegated to make a decision based on your name and address alone. As modern networks are the gateway to information, it stands to reason that the more context we can fit into a policy decision, the more surgical and accurate we can be. If a member of your audit team wants to look at last quarter’s financials, you may make a different determination if they’re connecting from a public kiosk instead of their corporate laptop. If a contractor is asking for wireless access, you may rule differently on a request at 2 AM than 2 PM. Limelight IAM evaluates policy regardless of how a user or device chooses to connect, be it wired, wireless, or VPN.

We are very pleased with the experience during and the end result of the project.

Retail Chain, IT Manager

Check the Box for PCI

If you are storing credit card data in your environment, you understand the cost and complexity associated with ensuring data security. Overlay TBL’s Limelight IAM across your network and check the box for PCI Compliance. Protect your brand from the public scrutiny of a breach. The technology found in TBL’s Limelight IAM meets all PCI compliance requirements for device segmentation without having to re-architect your network.

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