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Limelight WiFi

By admin | Jan 29, 2016 | Insights

Connectivity Without Complexity

Wireless connectivity is essential in today’s mobile environment. Employees no longer want to be tethered to their desks, but be free to roam and collaborate amongst the office. Enterprise wireless networks are complex to configure and maintain, requiring a mastery of an alphabet soup of terminology. Take your wireless network to the cloud, and enjoy connectivity without the hassle.

Zero-Touch Deployment

With TBL’s Limelight WiFi, equipment will be shipped directly to your location without the need for additional programming. Once connected to the network, the access point calls home to obtain its configuration. All intelligence of the wireless network is stored securely in the cloud. Deploy dependable wireless access as fast as you can plug in the cable.

Surviving the iPad Crush

As more wireless-only devices connect, the requirements to provide a stable and high performing wireless network are ever increasing. Limelight WiFi leverages the latest wireless technologies to perform at maximum data rates. An embedded stateful firewall segregates and restricts network access from unauthorized devices. Corporate sponsored Android and Apple iOS devices can even be controlled via a built-in Mobile Device Manager to ensure they stay in compliance with corporate policy.

Everything worked perfectly after the move. I commend the team.

Higher Education, Director of IT

Guest Access Without the Guessing

Provide secure guest access with customized landing pages and gain insight into valuable customer analytics. Know who your guests or customers are, where they go, and how often they come back. Allow guests to gain access to the internet by checking in on your corporate Facebook page or by simply accepting your acceptable use policy. Eliminate that ever-changing guest password from being printed on the whiteboard of every room in the building.

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