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Limelight Server & Desktop

By admin | Feb 02, 2016 | Insights

Regardless of what percentage of your business systems are virtualized, the need to support your computing infrastructure is diverting your staff’s focus from strategic functions that generate revenue for your company. Today’s businesses are feeling pressure to entertain a public cloud offering. But your server and desktop resources are best located in a facility you control – not in someone else’s data center hundreds of miles away and intermingled with thousands of strangers. Access to offsite resources can be slow, unreliable and stagnant… that’s not okay with us and it’s not what’s best for your business. Switch to TBL Networks’ Limelight Server and Desktop solutions. Everything resides on your premises and serves your employees exclusively.

We’ve Knocked Down All Obstacles

Your business is versatile so your technology needs to be as well. That’s why our Limelight Server for data center consolidation offers complete cost predictability, with zero inflection points for scaling the solution. It’s priced per virtual machine, per month for easy growth and it’s guaranteed to be available, so there’s never a loss of functionality. Best of all, it’s completely managed by TBL. And when the need arises, TBL makes disaster recovery easy to add on. Focus on the applications that get work done while we manage, maintain, and upgrade the muscle behind them.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Your company’s desktop computers aren’t refreshed all at once, they’re replaced in phases. While you handle pushing out the old, let TBL Networks optimize the new. TBL Limelight Desktop is an all-in-one solution that makes it easy for your company to implement virtual desktops so you can access your resources anytime, anywhere, from any device. Right away, your company will be able to realize the increased resilience of virtual templates, which takes the recovery of end user desktop issues from days and hours to minutes and seconds.

Their value-added services made the adoption of this new architecture painless to the business.

Healthcare Organization, IT Manager

Reliability, Flexibility, Affordability

Your business can’t afford an unreliable solution that eats away at your productivity. That’s why TBL Networks created Limelight PCaaS (Private Cloud as a Service). There’s no stress in implementation, all equipment is included, and we handle everything. Plus, it’s a predictable cost that’s flexible enough to grow with your business. Since there’s nothing we care about more than making your business better, the money you spend on our Limelight PCaaS is directly linked to the way it performs; if we don’t meet our guaranteed SLA, we put money back in your pocket.

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