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Limelight Support

By admin | Jan 29, 2016 | Insights

Why keep scrambling to work through technology outages when TBL Networks can help prevent them from happening in the first place? Support shouldn’t just be reactionary – at TBL, we believe it should be preventative. We maintain your network for you and apply critical patches as needed. We measure our success not in how fast we react to a problem, but by how many problems we avoid by properly managing your system.

Have Some Peace of Mind

In the event a problem does arise, you’ll have peace of mind knowing expert engineering resources are at your disposal all day, every day. As a TBL Networks customer, you have priority access to our engineers via a dedicated phone number, email address, and web portal. While most support organizations’ clocks start when someone gets around to opening a ticket, our SLA begins the moment contact is made. A member of the TBL support team establishes remote access and is actively working towards resolution within one hour.

Keep a Pulse on Your System’s Health

TBL’s Limelight Support is priced at a fixed monthly rate that delivers proactive monitoring, support services and configuration backup. You’ll even be able to keep a pulse on how your system is performing. We provide an onsite monitoring appliance that collects detailed
device vital signs. Your system’s real-time health and historical trending are displayed on a dashboard that you can view in any browser or through our iPad App. We’ll offer you even more proof of your system’s vigor by providing quarterly business reviews and executive reports.

TBL hands down, has some of the best engineers available anywhere in the world.

Global Corporation, IT Analyst

Be Strategic With Your Resources

We want to help you with a solution that can intimately integrate with your staff and processes. That’s why we free up your resources so they can focus on the tasks that grow your business. Let us drive the operational lifecycle, bolstering your IT staff’s capacity to deploy
the next big thing. Be strategic with your resources – leverage TBL’s Limelight Support.

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