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TBL Co-Founder, Patrick Tredway, Transitions to CEO Role

By admin | May 17, 2019 | News

One of TBL’s three original founders, Patrick Tredway, recently transitioned to the role of CEO. Chief Financial Officer and collaboration and data center practice lead were Tredway’s previous titles. Since TBL’s beginning in 2007, Tredway has been integral in decision making, product offering development and deliverability. This new role as CEO is a natural transition for him.

“The pace of change for TBL and our customers is accelerating and we’ve recognized the need to quicken our decision making and investments. As such, we’ve streamlined our decision-making process so that we can deliver new service features and improvements at a quicker pace to meet demands,” Tredway explains. This streamlining is already allowing TBL to bring new service engagement models to market that will better align with our customers’ journeys.

Tredway’s vision focuses on two key areas:

Customer Experience

We want to grow by way of our customers’ delight with the level of service they receive from TBL. “The change in our focus to customer experience above all else will not just come about because we say so. This will be a metamorphosis spurred on by investment, training, and an unyielding focus on nothing but the best,” Tredway explains. This change will also be brought about by the recognition that the customer experience we deliver is intrinsically capped by our employee experience. As these investments, training activities, and new processes are implemented, they will target the experience of both our customers and our employees.

Customer Alignment

The second key tenant of this plan is more closely aligning with our customers and the paths they’re on. We will foster better dialogue and chart out where each of our customer types is right now and where they’re going. The output of this will provide the backdrop for what products, services, and engagement models we need to have ready for each customer type and when. Tredway adds, “Essentially, as our customers are running their race, we’re going to position ourselves at each milepost and be ready to offer the cup of water from the side of the road.”

Even with as much overuse as the word gets, our ability to be innovative on behalf of our customers is what will set us apart. Whether it’s new consumption models added to our Limelight Subscribe portfolio, the continued development of our clearIQ analytics platform, or our entry into true technology service automation, we’re positioning ourselves to be where our customers need us to be when they need us to be there.

“I and the rest of TBL are invested in customer success and we’re incredibly excited about the things to come,” Patrick concludes.

Get to know our new CEO in this video interview:

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