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TBL Virtual Golf Tournament

By Alan Sears | Mar 26, 2010 | Insights

The first regular TBL Virtual Golf Tournament was held today at our offices in Glen Allen. The weather proved perfect for the tournament, a blustery 53 degrees and rainy, but it was 70 and clear on the course. Ahh, the power of virtualization! The clubhouse was never far from any of the foursomes playing, which provided a steady supply of food and beverage. Even for those players on the back nine in Suite 200, thirsts we kept in check thanks to our hydration marshals and their Radio Flyer drink cart. With two rounds of a shotgun start at our four tee boxes sporting the latest Wii golf game, the leader board displayed over a LCD projector quickly revealed which of our participants were well practiced with the wiimote. Prizes were awarded to the top three players, as well as  the contestants who secured the longest drive, closest to the pin, and longest putt strokes on designated holes. The festivities did not end with the conclusion of regular play, as the first tee was commandeered as a make shift stage, and guitar, bass, drums, and microphone were set up by a group of enthusiastic musicians who entertained with their covers of some of the best guitar rock songs from music’s heros of the previous decades. I look forward to the next tournament!

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