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Mobile Apps For Which I Am Thankful

By Steve Glissman | Nov 21, 2011 | Insights

Thanksgiving means many things to me.  Turkey. Family. Stuffing.  Pie.  More Stuffing.  Football. Napping (also stuffing).

In addition, Thanksgiving marks the time to remember the things for which you are thankful.  On this day, I celebrate the mobile applications that make my life better.

Flashlight by Latter-Day Apps (Free)

With all the things that a smartphone can do, it is important to not forget the simple things.  Case in point, this flashlight application, which allows you to use your phone’s camera flash as a flashlight.  As a father of a two-year old, this application has increased my proficiency at quietly moving through the house, while still providing me access to crucial applications for business like …

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center By Cisco (Free)

With Cisco’s WebEx application, you can take your WebEx with you wherever you are.  You can host meetings and presentations, or just attend them if you are out of the office, with a click of a button.  This application is if you often travel by car, but still need to attend meetings.

Nike+ GPS By Nike, Inc. ($1.99)

I recently downloaded this application in anticipation of my holiday binge eating.  Nike+GPS uses your smartphone’s GPS capability to help you keep track of distance and time.  Unlike other applications that  I have used, this one does not lock up. This application easily integrates with your music playlists, and also keeps your history so you can chart your progress. 

Cisco Mobile By Cisco (Free)

Cisco Mobile allows  you to take your office phone with you, without the downsides (lost voicemails, sending calls from your cell phone number) that come with using just call forwarding.  This application allows you to achieve single number reachability – the ability place and receive calls using  your work number only.  Also, you can use the Wi-Fi feature to make calls without using your mobile minutes.

ooTunes Radio By Oogli LLC ($4.99)

ooTunes allows you to listen to most radio stations across the US from your smartphone.  You can search for stations by location, format or name.  I find this application a great alternative to the iHeartRadio application, which limits you to Clear Channel stations and requires to you use your Facebook account.  ooTunes also provides you the ability make recordings, and to integrate your account.

Papa John’s Pizza by Papa John’s International Inc. (Free)

Turkey. Family. Stuffing.  Pie.  More Stuffing.  Football. Napping (also stuffing).  At a certain point (or as I call it, Friday), you have to eat something else.  This applications allows you to break up the monotony of turkey with the power of pizza.

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