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The Anywhere Office

By Alan Sears | Oct 17, 2011 | Insights

I have often said that “work is not a place, work is where you are” to depict the ever changing workplace infused with mobile devices and new definitions of work-life balance. Most professionals today do not sit behind a desk from 8 to 5, but are out and about, taking meetings, making calls, or taking the kids to soccer practice. Whether it be in the parking lot of your next appointment or the sideline of a little league game, mobile devices today mean we are always connected and always a finger’s tap away from work. However, I recently saw the statistic that by 2013, 75.5% of workers in the United States will be mobile. Now while many of them will still have a desk in an office somewhere, this will also mean an increase in teleworkers as well. It’s no surprise that employees prefer to work from home, but technology is allowing more employers to be comfortable with teleworker as they are connected to them no differently as if they were in the office down the hall. Being able to see their productivity instantly, not to mention the increased work output from employees that don’t have to commute, is making many employers more open to allowing employees to work from home.

This increasing benefit for employees will mean a recruiting advantage for companies that are more developed in their teleworking policies. As the Internet generation of young adults enter the workforce, workplace mobility will undoubtedly be a key factor in their employment decisions. Are you preparing your business for the Anywhere Office? Morning staple to many, Starbucks Coffee is with a home-delivery bean subscription service. Now your employee truly doesn’t need to leave the home.

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