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The New Service Model

By Alan Sears | Oct 02, 2011 | Insights

There is no substitute for face time with the right people. If you’re like most companies, you have a key set of employees who are experts in what they do. And the ability to maximize your client’s exposure to these individuals has a dramatic effect overall revenues and, ultimately, your bottom line.

For example: Regional banks typically have a group of highly talented loan officers or investment personnel. These experts usually have scheduled days to be at a particular branch location. As the number of branches grows, the number of times these key resources can be at a particular branch becomes severely impacted. What happens when a client prospect walks through the door and asks to see someone about refinancing a home or investing an inheritance? Telling them to “Come back on Monday” when the appropriate person will be onsite is not acceptable. As that potential business prospect leaves, you’re literally allowing money to walk out the door.

TBL has a solution. Leveraging high-definition video conferencing resources, TBL allows resources to efficiently “meet” prospects, clients and customers in a number of different locations without ever leaving his or her seat. The key to this solution’s effectiveness is the client and resources seeing each other at their actual size in high-fidelity video – we’re talking “reading the second hand on the other person’s watch” quality – providing an immersive experience akin to being in the same room together. It’s the next best thing to meeting in person. And TBL makes the next best thing possible now.

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