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Two Years of Cancer Research

By Alan Sears | Jul 01, 2012 | News

On July 1, 2010 TBL Networks began a partnership with the World Community Grid. The World Community Grid allows organizations with idle compute capacity to donate it for use in research projects ranging from cancer research to clean energy. When idle, a member computer will request data on a specific project from World Community Grid’s server, and perform computations on this data, sending the results back to the server, and then ask the server for new work. Each computation that a computer performs provides scientists with critical information that accelerates the pace of human discovery. In 2010, TBL Networks fired up a 40 machine Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment using VMware View on our Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) dual B-series blade farm and dedicated all of those machines’ computing power to find a cure for cancer.

On our first anniversary, we reported that the 365 days of donated capacity had resulted in 18 years, 352 days and 6 hours of computing power.  With 95,993 results returned, TBL Networks was ranked 546 out of 561,794 members throughout the world.

Today, after two years or partnership with the World Community Grid, I am happy to announce that TBL’s VMware View cluster has computed 43 years, 311 days and 3 hours of runtime towards finding a cure for cancer. That amount of CPU cycles has generated 215,463 results for medical researchers around the globe, which now ranks TBL # 267 out of the now almost 600,000 members.

Dr. Igor Jurisica, Senior Scientist at the Ontario Cancer Institute, will be conducting a live webcast to discuss the Help Conquer Cancer project and how the project will ultimately help researchers who work on finding cures for cancers.

The webcast will take place on August 22, 2012, starting promptly at 12:00PM Eastern Time. You will be able to access the webcast by clicking here. Whether or not you are able to join for webcast, please let your friends know about this easy way to participate in helping humanity! That’s what we call techumanity, and we think it’s pretty cool.

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