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What I did over Summer Vacation

By admin | Jun 30, 2010 | Insights

TBL recognizes that for K-12 Information Technology Teams, “summer vacation” is really the “summer busy season” when major projects that cannot be done during the academic year are stuffed into a 90 day window.

This summer is looking to be especially busy, especially for schools with PC labs. Microsoft is withdrawing support for Windows 2000 and XP SP2 on July 13th, 2010. Making matters worse, many PC lab workstations are not capable of running the software in the suggested upgrade to Windows 7.

Are you looking at a refresh of your PC lab this summer? If so…STOP! There is a better way and a better use of your scarce capital and human resources, both over the coming summer as well as in the coming academic years.

TBL is currently working with schools who are going to break the cycle of the PC Refresh and virtualize their lab infrastructure. We are going to make sure that this next “refresh” of the PC lab, creates a better learning tool for students, a less administration intensive work environment for I/T staff, and extends the capital investment for your school well beyond that of normal I/T assets.

Through Virtualization, TBL Networks can help you:

  • Extend the life of existing or new PC Lab Assets well beyond a traditional 5 year cycle
  • Eliminate the stress and non-productive work associated with “Patch Tuesday”
  • Create a more consistent, better performing learning environment for students
  • Drive costs out of PC Lab Operations

Before you spend another nickel on your PC Lab, TBL Networks can perform an assessment for you to size a virtualized PC Lab environment that will bring your PC Labs under centralized control, unifying the student experience.
Please feel free to Contact TBL Networks to schedule a free consultation to discuss how virtualizing your PC Labs can make for a great “summer vacation”.

David Rayner – 804-822-3645

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