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Past Event: Win a FREE Apple Watch by Attending a TBL Lunch & Learn!

By Alan Sears | Mar 02, 2015 | Events

free apple watch

We love new technology – it’s part of the job here at TBL Networks.  So as news about the Apple Watch started picking up speed, we started seeing endless possibilities for the world’s newest piece of wearable tech.  And when we see an opportunity for technology to make businesses better, we just have to share it.

That’s why we want to give you the chance to win a FREE Apple Watch!  Yes, you read that correctly.  We’ll be selecting a winner to be one of the first wearing the Apple Watch after its release in April.

Win a Free Apple Watch

Register and attend our March 19th Lunch and Learn, and you’ll be entered to win the Apple Watch!

TBL Networks’ Lunch and Learn event is a chance for you to learn how we can help your business strategically leverage our Limelight Private Cloud as a Service.  It’s an on-premise solution that is completely managed by TBL, so your team can keep their attention on deploying the next big thing for your company.  It encompasses what we’re all about at TBL – linking what you pay to the outcomes you receive.

If you can’t make it to the March 19th event, don’t worry!  You’ll still have a chance to be entered into the drawing.  Schedule a private Lunch and Learn before March 31st by contacting Cameron Corbin here (

Using the Apple Watch for Business

Apple Watch
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Of course, we can’t resist gushing over this slick new piece of technology.  Apple has graced the world with many creative tech innovations and we are certain the Apple Watch will be no different.  The smartwatch will be a useful tool for on-the-go business people who need to be accessible at all times.  Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Notifications – The Apple Watch will allow users to have their alerts and notifications conveniently delivered to them, without even having to look at their phone.  When your iPhone receives a text message, email, calendar alert or reminder, the Apple Watch will buzz on your wrist.  You’ll never miss a message again.
  • Siri – Of course Apple’s famous virtual assistant will have a place on the Apple Watch.  Just say “Hey Siri” to verbally set reminders, get directions or check your calendar.
  • Apps – Unlike other smart watches, the Apple Watch will have third-party apps available for download.  Manage your social media accounts or check in for a flight, right from your wrist.

If you want to be entered to win Apple’s first ever piece of wearable technology, attend a TBL Networks Lunch and Learn to learn about our Limelight PCaaS!

 Attend our March 19th event (register here, space is limited) or contact Cameron Corbin ( to schedule a private consultation by March 31st!

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