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Business Video–Not Just for Teleconferencing

In the past, business video was mostly another way to say “teleconferencing.”  If that was not the case, business video meant purchasing expensive equipment that was difficult to use. Furthermore, this equipment then manufactured a product that was difficult to market. However, in the age of YouTube, this is no longer the case.  If you have access to a computer and a smartphone, you can now produce video that can be streamed across the world to your present and future customers.

Here are some ways that  companies are using video for their business.


In the recruiting process, companies need to promote more than just a list of qualifications and requirements to their prospective employees.  Companies also need a way to present their company culture, in addition to finding a way to stand out from the competition.

One company that has embraced video for recruitment is Sodexo, “a global leader in integrated food and facilities management.”  They have a YouTube channel, SodexoCareers, dedicated to showing why you should work for their company.

While business video can be used for recruiting, it can also be used for when an employee leaves.  Recently, Snagajob, “the world’s only company totally devoted to fulfilling the dreams of hourly workers and those who employ them,” made a video to say “goodbye” to one of their longest tenured employees. This video was featured on their YouTube channel.


Have you ever wanted to literally speak to your customers?  With business video, you can.

Joyner Fine Properties is a “premiere real estate company in the Greater Richmond, VA area.”  Utilizing the video blogs on their YouTube channel, Joyner President Bill White can talk directly to his customers about the current real estate market.


Yes, TBL Networks is an award winning technology solutions provider, but our employees have other talents that they want to share with the world.

At the conclusion of a recent Ask Harley Twitter session, Harley Stagner, lead VMware engineer and VCDX, and Mr. TBL, the masked spirit of TBL Networks, wanted an opportunity to demonstrate their musical abilities.

With the help of a laptop, webcam and Cisco Show and Share, we were able to provide a live broadcast of a Guitar Hero performance that will be remembered for the ages.

With business video, you are no longer limited to teleconferencing, but only limited by what you don’t want to do.