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What I Learned – EMC VNX and The Green Hornet

Virtualization. Storage. Seth Rogen? You might not associate movie theaters and superheroes with Unified Storage, but for one day, TBL Networks found a way to bring them together. On February 17th, TBL Networks’ Harley Stagner and EMC’s Steve Woods provided an exclusive presentation the new EMC VNX series of storage solutions at Movieland at Boulevard Square. Following the presentation, the attendees watched a private screening of The Green Hornet.

Here are a few things that I learned from the EMC VNX/Green Hornet event.

– The VNX series is the new mid-tier storage platform built for the demanding virtualized data center. It has a fully redundant, multi-controller design that scales and scales.

– Just because you have giant bucket of popcorn, you are not obligated to eat the entire bucket.

– Even if you ask nicely, Steve and Harley will not add select scenes from Black Swan to their presentation.

– The VNXe series has a series of best practice wizards so you can configure your storage with just a few clicks.

– I am a sucker for any technology that comes with a wizard.

– Movieland is not planning to screen The Cannonball Run as part of their MOVIES & MIMOSAS® series.

– The VNX series provides the broadest range of unified storage platforms in the industry.

Thanks to everyone who came out to hear Harley and Steve and to watch the movie. Special thanks to the team at Movieland for a providing a great facility and experience.