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TBL Co-Founder, Patrick Tredway, Transitions to CEO Role

One of TBL’s three original founders, Patrick Tredway, recently transitioned to the role of CEO. Chief Financial Officer and collaboration and data center practice lead were Tredway’s previous titles. Since TBL’s beginning in 2007, Tredway has been integral in decision making, product offering development and deliverability. This new role as CEO is a natural transition for him.

“The pace of change for TBL and our customers is accelerating and we’ve recognized the need to quicken our decision making and investments. As such, we’ve streamlined our decision-making process so that we can deliver new service features and improvements at a quicker pace to meet demands,” Tredway explains. This streamlining is already allowing TBL to bring new service engagement models to market that will better align with our customers’ journeys.

Tredway’s vision focuses on two key areas:

Customer Experience

We want to grow by way of our customers’ delight with the level of service they receive from TBL. “The change in our focus to customer experience above all else will not just come about because we say so. This will be a metamorphosis spurred on by investment, training, and an unyielding focus on nothing but the best,” Tredway explains. This change will also be brought about by the recognition that the customer experience we deliver is intrinsically capped by our employee experience. As these investments, training activities, and new processes are implemented, they will target the experience of both our customers and our employees.

Customer Alignment

The second key tenant of this plan is more closely aligning with our customers and the paths they’re on. We will foster better dialogue and chart out where each of our customer types is right now and where they’re going. The output of this will provide the backdrop for what products, services, and engagement models we need to have ready for each customer type and when. Tredway adds, “Essentially, as our customers are running their race, we’re going to position ourselves at each milepost and be ready to offer the cup of water from the side of the road.”

Even with as much overuse as the word gets, our ability to be innovative on behalf of our customers is what will set us apart. Whether it’s new consumption models added to our Limelight Subscribe portfolio, the continued development of our clearIQ analytics platform, or our entry into true technology service automation, we’re positioning ourselves to be where our customers need us to be when they need us to be there.

“I and the rest of TBL are invested in customer success and we’re incredibly excited about the things to come,” Patrick concludes.

Get to know our new CEO in this video interview:

Past Event: WebEx Introduction to fast Bimodal IT powered by Private Cloud as a Service


Webex Bimodal IT

WE KNOW you understand the benefits of cloud offerings. BUT, we continue to hear that many organizations feel cloud offerings have pricing models that look a bit too cloudy.

Let’s us clear the skies for you!

Join us March 10th at 9am or 2pm EST to get an education on fast Bimodal IT powered by Private Cloud as a Service.

You will hear why:
  • Bimodal IT is possible for organizations of all sizes.
  • Organizations using this service have been able to scale faster and more effectively than would have ever been possible in traditional Cloud or On-Premise offerings.
  • PCaaS keeps security closer to your business than any offering available today.

If your business has an initiative or needs a strategy for any of the below themes – Please give us 30 minutes of your time.

  • Collaboration (Voice / Video / Conferencing / Chat)
  • Data Center Architecture
  • Network Security
  • WAN Optimization or Price Reduction
  • Wireless

Click below to register for our upcoming webinar – we guarantee you’ll hear something new.


Fixed Fee Projects

Continuity is key to a successful project. Realizing the benefit of what you intended to buy is an expectation of most organizations, but not one that is always attained.

An upfront negotiated price allows a project to be implemented without the fear of unexpected costs. At TBL, we know our business, and we feel it is easiest and most beneficial for us to offer project work to our customers with a fixed amount agreed upon at inception. This practice ensures that all of our clients are shielded from any inferred risk in timeline and capital complications.

Experience is integral to providing outcomes that deliver on business requirements and exceed client expectations. Our engineers leverage decades of implementation knowledge over a diverse landscape of environments. Coupled with our proven project management methodology led by PMI and ITIL certified staff, TBL consistently completes projects on time and on budget.

Whether you want to grow your internal skill sets with knowledge transfer during implementation, or transition lifecycle management to TBL support services after delivery, there is no better value in the market today than a TBL Fixed Fee project. Give us the opportunity to prove it and you will agree.

TBL Receives: Cisco’s Outstanding Solutions Partner of the Year at Cisco Partner Summit 2016

tbl-trophyThe digital transformation journey continues. With the rapid pace of change, there’s never been a better time to align, connect and create solutions that deliver and disrupt. The Cisco Partner Summit brings partners from around the world together to celebrate the success of CISCO and plan for future strategy.

This invite only event offered opportunities for executive networking, strategy discussions, technology updates, and business leadership development. During the 3 days of impact sessions, industry leading speakers and networking, TBL Networks was recognized as Cisco’s Outstanding Solutions Partner of the year for the entire East area, covering Virginia through Maine. ‘

“This is a huge deal, as it validates the PCaaS model at the manufacturer level and puts TBL above all other managed service offerings for the East Area,” said Alan Sears, CEO of TBL Networks.


Cameron Corbin Joins TBL Networks’ Board of Directors, Appointed Chief Strategy Officer

Cameron Corbin, Vice President of Sales at TBL Networks was recently named Chief Strategy Officer and has joined the company’s Board of Directors.

As a substantial shareholder in the corporation, Cameron will sit on the Board of Directors and carry the additional responsibilities of Chief Strategy Officer. “This is an exciting move for the Board as we know Cameron is dedicated to fueling the growth and expansion of TBL,” said Alan Sears, President & CEO of TBL Networks.

Corbin has more than 10 years of experience in enterprise information technology and most recently held the position of Vice President of Sales since 2014.  Under his new expanded role, Corbin will continue to lead the company with business development opportunities.  “His understanding of unique business needs and challenges combined with his collaborative approach makes Cameron an ideal leader as TBL continues to build its core business around its proprietary cloud service,” said Sears.  “Under Cameron’s leadership, TBL has an incredible opportunity to thrive with its strategic partners and excel in channels where customers can benefit from our unique offerings.”

Corbin developed, launched and continues to strengthen TBL’s Limelight portfolio, a Private Cloud as a Service offering with domestic and international clients.  Branded as a Cisco Powered Service, Limelight PCaaS was introduced to the market in 2014.

Corbin, an RVA native, attended Minnesota State University, is an active member with the Richmond Technology Council and Virginia Bankers Association.

Limelight PCaaS — Private Cloud as a Service

Private cloud has become hands down the best virtualization offering for businesses. Because private cloud infrastructure is not shared with other organizations, as public cloud offerings are, companies have been flocking toward private cloud solutions. It’s a no brainer – private cloud guarantees the best performance and complete control of resources, which your company entirely holds.

All well and good, but traditional private cloud offerings were never perfect. Outdated models proved to be less than beneficial because managing private cloud deployment requires extensive experience and extensive costs associated with hardware refreshes.

Enter: Limelight Private Cloud as a Service

At TBL Networks, we’re a private cloud company that has combined all the advantages of cloud computing and SaaS-based architecture. We call our cloud storage service solution Limelight PCaaS. PCaaS: Private Cloud as a Service.

TBL’s Limelight Private Cloud as a Service is completely managed by our team of tech experts. Our clients enjoy higher levels of service and properly maintained cloud infrastructure. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Limelight Private Cloud as a Service offers next-generation infrastructure that puts the power to flexibly manage your business’ technology in your hands. Our private cloud service is not just an efficient way to solve your organization’s technology challenges. PCaaS takes things a step further and provides the convenience your business has been craving.

PCaaS is all around better performance for your business. We’ll ensure that you get the full benefits of a private cloud technology.

When you engage TBL for your private cloud solutions, your company will be able to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Focus on new and innovative business practices
  • Increase efficiency
  • Grow at a moment’s notice
  • Simplify IT operations
  • Improve business agility
  • Heighten security
  • Maintain the highest level of consistency in private cloud performance

With TBL’s Limelight PCaaS you will attain the freedom to respond to what your business needs to reach the next level.

Private Cloud as a Service is the Best of Both Worlds

Organizations once had to choose between capital investment with internal administration, or moving services to someone else’s data center hundreds of miles away and shared with thousands of strangers. Because Limelight PCaaS takes all the great things about SaaS models and applies them to a private cloud offering, you get the best of both on-site and off-site cloud hosting. The equipment is owned and managed by TBL, but sits at your site and is dedicated to serving only your organization.  You can use the technology services at your own pace, and rest assured that TBL will be right on schedule to deliver technology refreshes.

Focus on What You Do Best

You aren’t in business to provide technology solutions; you are in business to do what you do best. After all, your revenue streams are linked to doing what it is your business stands for. TBL offers complete support to your mission by providing technology solutions that, with traditional offerings, you would have to manage yourself.

TBL’s Limelight PCaaS has been developed to help you free up your resources so your business can better focus on tasks that generate revenue. Customer satisfaction will rise when your business is able to concentrate entirely on their needs, and productivity will increase when your employees are used to the best possible capacity

Predictable Costs for Organizations

TBL’s Limelight Private Cloud as a Service is priced as a monthly, per user expense.  This structure allows you to better project the associated costs of services you would need to incur in order to keep up with the expanding user base. You no longer need to worry about adding another user and reaching the next inflection point resulting in a costly expansion of the system.

Best of all, this means that it’s an operating expense — no huge outlay of capital dollars. Instead, Limelight Private Cloud as a Service gives you the freedom of scalability, letting you effectively grow or shift priorities. And, as a result, you enjoy long-term savings, letting you allocate resources to more business-critical functions.

“ This was perhaps the best project we have ever worked on with a partner.

Manufacturer, CIO

Buying a Business Outcome

The traditional technology purchasing model is unable to link procurement dollars to performance. If a solution doesn’t perform to the levels that were promised upfront, the cost of those assets do not change. With TBL’s Limelight PCaaS, Private Cloud as a service, the service level received is contractually linked to the dollars being spent.  TBL guarantees the expected outcome — and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Start enjoying the advantages of the Limelight Private Cloud as a Service suite today!

Download the PDF Download the case study

Limelight Collaboration

Collaboration is an experience. It brings us together, from anywhere, any time, on any device. Business collaboration isn’t limited to stuffy meetings and endless emails anymore. Today, we’re able to collaborate in more comfortable, natural methods.

That’s why TBL Limelight Collaboration provides collaboration tools for every user in your organization. We enable team collaboration, so you can get the job done in the fastest way and with the best results.

Next Generation Business Collaboration

At TBL Networks, we know how important it is to have reliable access to your employees and your customers, at all times.

The power of TBL’s Limelight Collaboration solutions will:

  • Allow your team to work in the most efficient way possible, in every situation, from anywhere in the world.
  • Form better communication, both internally and externally, and with your customers.
  • Enable your team to collaborate on a new level to brainstorm solutions and innovative ideas.
  • Increase productivity and speed up the decision-making process.
  • Build better customer relationships through more streamlined support communications.

TBL’s Limelight Collaboration provides a reliable, predictable collaboration solution to you as a service.

Break Down Barriers

The geographic barriers that once made business collaboration difficult are being torn down entirely. You no longer have to be in the same office, or even in the same city to have a face-to-face meeting.

With Limelight Collaboration, you encourage a whole new level of innovation and engagement. Video conference with a partner in Hong Kong or provide live chat support to a customer miles away. Distance is no longer an issue.

Deliver Your Message

Limelight Collaboration isn’t a cookie cutter approach to workplace collaboration. We recognize that no two companies’ needs are exactly alike. We’ll help you choose which collaboration tools for business are best for your business, but we do it all on one network. And we don’t stop with better hardware. We’ll help you implement a full on collaboration strategy, with all the support you need along the way.

TBL’s cloud-based collaboration solutions include:

  • Cisco video conferencing
  • Cisco WebEx
  • Cisco Telepresence
  • Cisco VoIP phone
  • And more!

Attain Predictability, Retain Agility

In a world where more people are on the go, clients exist across countries and continents, and the organization never truly sleeps, you need to have solutions with the ability to grow with your company. Functionality and flexibility are essential.

That’s exactly why Limelight Collaboration is based on a per user and per month cost.  There are no surprises – if you hire someone new or lose an employee, you’ll know exactly how it will affect your pricing.  Limelight Collaboration is not a lease with rigid terms. We enable your organization to adapt to changing conditions, all while consuming the best collaborative technologies available.

Capability You Can Quantify

Less than one fifth of one percent of TBL’s peers have been singled out for their ability to provide reliable, predictable technology solutions as a service. Limelight Collaboration is buttressed by Cisco Collaboration accreditations, such as their Managed Service Provider Master and Collaboration Master certifications. You know that you can count on us to operate your collaborative solution, around the world.

TBL got it done with no business downtime!

Healthcare Organization, Director of IT

Download the PDF

Limelight Server & Desktop

Regardless of what percentage of your business systems are virtualized, the need to support your computing infrastructure is diverting your staff’s focus from strategic functions that generate revenue for your company. Today’s businesses are feeling pressure to entertain a public cloud offering. But your server and desktop resources are best located in a facility you control – not in someone else’s data center hundreds of miles away and intermingled with thousands of strangers. Access to offsite resources can be slow, unreliable and stagnant… that’s not okay with us and it’s not what’s best for your business. Switch to TBL Networks’ Limelight Server and Desktop solutions. Everything resides on your premises and serves your employees exclusively.

We’ve Knocked Down All Obstacles

Your business is versatile so your technology needs to be as well. That’s why our Limelight Server for data center consolidation offers complete cost predictability, with zero inflection points for scaling the solution. It’s priced per virtual machine, per month for easy growth and it’s guaranteed to be available, so there’s never a loss of functionality. Best of all, it’s completely managed by TBL. And when the need arises, TBL makes disaster recovery easy to add on. Focus on the applications that get work done while we manage, maintain, and upgrade the muscle behind them.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Your company’s desktop computers aren’t refreshed all at once, they’re replaced in phases. While you handle pushing out the old, let TBL Networks optimize the new. TBL Limelight Desktop is an all-in-one solution that makes it easy for your company to implement virtual desktops so you can access your resources anytime, anywhere, from any device. Right away, your company will be able to realize the increased resilience of virtual templates, which takes the recovery of end user desktop issues from days and hours to minutes and seconds.

Their value-added services made the adoption of this new architecture painless to the business.

Healthcare Organization, IT Manager

Reliability, Flexibility, Affordability

Your business can’t afford an unreliable solution that eats away at your productivity. That’s why TBL Networks created Limelight PCaaS (Private Cloud as a Service). There’s no stress in implementation, all equipment is included, and we handle everything. Plus, it’s a predictable cost that’s flexible enough to grow with your business. Since there’s nothing we care about more than making your business better, the money you spend on our Limelight PCaaS is directly linked to the way it performs; if we don’t meet our guaranteed SLA, we put money back in your pocket.

Download the PDF

Limelight iWAN

Intelligence You Don’t Need to Think About

The cost vector of premium WAN connectivity is growing exponentially. This is largely rooted in the increased demands on a wide area network to provide transactional and collaborative applications in near real-time without performance degradation. With the rising costs of MPLS, just throwing bandwidth at the problem is no longer a sustainable solution.

Grow Performance, Not Costs  

How could something be better and cost less? TBL’s Limelight iWAN pairs existing MPLS connections with less expensive local internet connections to provide fast, secure, and resilient connectivity. Grow your performance this year by 150%, not your costs. Limelight iWAN is a service upgrade that pays for itself.

Active/Passive is so Passé

The tolerance for network outages is gone and as a result, companies are building secondary networks to provide failover when needed. An inherent inefficiency in this design is that only one network is used at a time. TBL’s Limelight iWAN combines the primary and backup networks to maximize the use of each investment while still allowing for redundancy in real-time.

Great from start to finish.

National Distributor, CIO

See More, Do Less

In a multi-pathed network, understanding the flow of information can be difficult. TBL’s Limelight iWAN provides a live look at how traffic is flowing, where congestion is occurring, and what applications are consuming the most resources. In addition, Limelight iWAN employs intelligent path selection technologies to allow for the assurance that each flow gets the treatment for which policy instructs. Fix performance issues before your users know they exist.

Download the PDF

Limelight IAM

Control the Chaos

With the ever-changing landscape of technology, today’s business networks look vastly different than that of even 5 years ago. Gone are the days when tightly-controlled desktop and laptop endpoints were the only devices that connected to the corporate network. Employees expect the same sophistication consumer electronics provide them in their personal lives to empower their ability to work in the office. Smartphones, tablets, tv media players and personal laptops now proliferate the network.1C-BYOD With this frenzy of corporate and personal devices, it can be daunting to control the chaos… and if we are being honest, quite impossible. TBL’s Limelight IAM allows organizations to easily adopt a “Bring Your Own Device” strategy, embracing productivity from people working in their preferred method, while escaping the administrative burdens of the past.

Don’t Fear the Chiller

The Internet of Things trend is providing network access to almost every device. With Limelight IAM you no longer need to feel any discomfort from the same HVAC system that keeps you comfortable in the office. For example, there are now smart environmental and lighting control units, badge readers, IV pumps, and vending machines that all benefit from data networking. Each of these device types provide critical functions but are all inherently different in the levels of access they require. Don’t see the need for your HVAC Chiller to be talking to your CRM? We don’t either.

Two Credentials Aren’t Enough

Since when is less information better? The majority of systems permit and deny network access on little more than a username and password combination. Imagine a world where airport security was relegated to make a decision based on your name and address alone. As modern networks are the gateway to information, it stands to reason that the more context we can fit into a policy decision, the more surgical and accurate we can be. If a member of your audit team wants to look at last quarter’s financials, you may make a different determination if they’re connecting from a public kiosk instead of their corporate laptop. If a contractor is asking for wireless access, you may rule differently on a request at 2 AM than 2 PM. Limelight IAM evaluates policy regardless of how a user or device chooses to connect, be it wired, wireless, or VPN.

We are very pleased with the experience during and the end result of the project.

Retail Chain, IT Manager

Check the Box for PCI

If you are storing credit card data in your environment, you understand the cost and complexity associated with ensuring data security. Overlay TBL’s Limelight IAM across your network and check the box for PCI Compliance. Protect your brand from the public scrutiny of a breach. The technology found in TBL’s Limelight IAM meets all PCI compliance requirements for device segmentation without having to re-architect your network.

Download the PDF